“Even if you profess that you don't believe in gravity, if you leap from the top of a building, you will fall. By the same token, you don't have to believe in God’s supernatural protection of His children in times of trouble for it to be real and tangible. I know that the Lord our God has protected me and my unit from hurt, harm, and danger.

During my recent year of deployment to Afghanistan, I experienced His Divine protection on a number of occasions. Many will doubt the validity of my stories, and others will attribute my survival through harrowing circumstances to chance. I leave the faith to believe in the hands of the Holy Spirit, and I submit to any statistician that there comes a time when things happen so often that we can no longer logically attribute them to chance. When chased by three Afghani personnel while alone, I prayed an excerpt from Psalm 91, and immediately three Marines came running toward me, causing my potential assailants to flee. The next day I learned there were no Marines in the area. A young Soldier accidentally gave away over $200K in valuable accountable equipment. We prayed Psalm 91, and within the hour, the person who had mistakenly taken the goods was found, and all of the equipment recovered. I survived a rocket attack, seeing the rocket land less than 100m away from me without a single scratch. I commanded one of the most mobile units in Afghanistan, running hundreds of missions via air and convoy for an entire year without a single casualty, causing the Headquarters and all of its subordinate units to earn safety awards. In a final act of protection, my unit unexpectedly left Afghanistan a few days early. We left in the morning, and that evening, during the time our unit usually dined together, the dining facility tent was hit with a rocket.

Coincidence? No. I believe that these actions can only be attributed to our loving Father who fiercely protects His people who trust in Him for protection. Every day, and before every unit movement, a core group of Soldiers prayed Psalm 91 in agreement, and fully believed that He would keep His promise, and rescue our Soldiers from all hurt, harm and danger. Some did not want to participate in the prayers, so we interceded in prayer on their behalf. Perhaps they did not believe in His protection before the deployment, but we returned with 100% of our Soldiers, without a single injury, and it wasn't because we were desk jockeys. We moved throughout the battlespace more than the vast majority of the personnel in Afghanistan...without a single casualty. Again, you don’t have to believe in gravity…

You may be skeptical, so I challenge you to read it, memorize it, and make it a part of your very being. We look forward to seeing what God will do in your life.”

Written by a current Major in the U.S. Army for OS91