This is a story about a LAPD detective who was involved in a "shoot out" and how God protected his life.

“I am a police officer, a collision investigator and a detective.  I have been a police officer for over 24 years and a training officer for over nine.  The following is a firsthand account of what happened to me on the night of March 10, 2005.

I started my watch just like every other watch.  I polished my leather gear; made sure I had the necessary reports in my bag and went to roll call.  I was given my assignment and was assigned to an officer with two years on the job.  Before leaving the station I discussed tactics (felony stops, traffic stops, searches etc.) with my partner and whether he carried a back up and what type it was.  He seemed to be very sharp and well trained.

We had just completed a collision investigation and interview of a party at the hospital.  It was around three o’clock in the morning, when I heard over the radio that a unit was following a possible DUI (driving under the influence) driver.  I decided to head in the direction of the pursuit to assist if needed.  Little did I know that the suspects had been looking to “shoot it out” with the police.

We finally arrived at the scene and ended up being the third unit in the pursuit.  As the pursuit continued, I saw the suspect throwing beer cans out of the window.  Shortly after that is when I heard the first shot pass by the passenger window.  I pulled the car to the left and tried to see where the shot came from.  It was hard to tell whether it was coming from the driver or the passenger side of the car.

As we continued, I backed away further from the suspects, to maintain a view because of bad weather and the fact that the air unit (helicopter) was not able to fly.  As we continued, the suspects continued to shoot at us.  The unit in front of me received several shots to their vehicle.  We continued to hear shots being fired at us from the suspect’s car but we were never hit.  This seemed to continue forever.

Finally, we had enough officers and plan was made to stop one of the suspects from shooting.  The pursuit terminated after 400 rounds were shot and one of the suspects was dead.  The other seriously wounded and taken to the hospital.

A “shoot out” is a grisly reminder of how dangerous our job really is and how important it is to know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior.  My training was of help, but what truly saved me from serious injury that day was my Heavenly Father watching over me and the many prayers of fellow Christians.

If God had chosen to take my life, I knew that I had a home in heaven prepared for me through the blood, burial, and resurrection of my Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, it was a miracle that no one other than the suspect was killed, given the firepower in the suspect’s car.  Our job is very dangerous and at any given moment our lives can be taken away.

If you are an officer reading this, I pray that you consider your destination, whether your home is heaven or hell.  If you do now know, please seek it out through a Christian friend or a Chaplain.  The final decision is yours; no one can make it for you."

On September 2, 2011 Detective Ravega lost his life in a tragic accident on his way to report for duty. Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for law enforcement officers.

However it comes, death will come for us all. The most important thing in this life is to be ready for the life to come. Thankfully, Detective Ravega was ready.  Are you?

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If you would like to become a Christian and have the same assurance of eternal life as Detective Ravega,  please read these Bible verses for guidance.

1.  God's Gift

Eternal Life (Romans 6:23)

To Sinful Men (Romans 3:23)

2.  God's Warning

Penalty for sin is death (Romans 6:23a)

Penalty not removed by works (Ephesians 2:8,9, Titus 3:5)

3.  God's Provision

Christ paid the penalty (I Peter 2:24)

Forgiveness through His blood (I John 1:7b)

4.  God's Way

Righteous through Christ (II Corinthians 5:21)

Repentance from sin (Luke 13:3)

Belief in the heart (Romans 10:10)

Receive Christ through prayer (Romans 10:13, Revelation 3:20)

Detective Jesse Ravega
Detective Jesse Ravega

A retired commander from the Chicago Police Department stated:

“You need Jesus Christ if you’re in law enforcement today.  The minute you put that uniform on and step out on the street, you become target.”