Congratulations to Rolando Betancourt, Christian Hsu and Travis Johnson for being chosen to represent Pomona Police Department as "Officers of the Year"!! We are very proud of you all!

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Recent Death Notice at the Pomona Police Department!

Prayer sign
Prayer sign

Several weeks ago we were called to the Traffic Bureau by the Corporal to give a death notice to the driver who hit a pedestrian. She stopped and gave aid to the pedestrian who was taken to the hospital. We were called to tell the driver that the pedestrian died from his injuries that were inflicted by her vehicle.  She was very distraught by this news. The officers who were on scene from the Traffic Bureau told her that, after their investigation, the accident was not her fault. We tried to encourage her the best way we knew how and we had prayer with her.

A few weeks later she wrote this letter to our Chief:


The Police Department would like to share the following letter from a resident of Pomona.

"I was the driver in a traffic incident involving a pedestrian... I am writing this letter to express my deep appreciation for not only the professionalism of the police officers at the scent of the accident, but especially for the compassionate care shown me at the two subsequent interviews at the Police Department.

This was one of the worst events of my life and I was very shaken by it.  The Chaplains and the police officers who were present at the last meeting at the Traffic Bureau Office.... treated me respectfully and compassionately.  The Chaplains gave me a pocket-sized copy of Psalm 91 which I now carry everywhere.

I cannot thank everyone enough for your kindness in my great need.  I would like you all to know that you have treated a fellow human being very well and that I am truly grateful for each one of you.  I would like to name names, but I realize that there were many involved of whose efforts I am not aware.

Pomona PD Traffic Bureau
Pomona PD Traffic Bureau

Again I offer my deepest thanks to the Pomona Police Department Traffic Bureau and to the Chaplain's Office for your caring and professional treatment of me.

Sincerely yours,"

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Pomona Police Department Open House on May 15, 2013

Pomona PD Station Side viewIMG_0094This year’s Police Open House will coincide with National Law Enforcement Week.  In recognition of this national event, Pomona Police Department will open our doors to the community and host an Open House on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm.

New Air Unit.Pomona PDOld Police Car

Throughout the day, guided tours through theRecords Bureau, Jail and the Dispatch Center will be conducted from 9:00 to 5:30pm.  After the tour, visitors will be invited to see displays and demonstrations which will include the K-9 Unit, Gang Violence Suppression Unit, Major Narcotics Team, SWAT team, Motors, Helicopter viewing, the PD oldie etc… 

Children’s Fingerprinting and other activities have been planned for this day. Plenty of safety and crime prevention handouts will be available.  The Kiwanis Club of Pomona will be on hand to grill hamburgers and hot dogs.

Come out and meet your Pomona Police Officers and while touring the station!  Parents are encouraged to bring their children and community groups are welcome.

Pomona Police Department is located at 490 W. MIssion Blvd., Pomona, CA. 91766

For further information, please call the Crime Prevention Office at (909) 620-2318 or Chaplain Bob Keller at (714) 865-9177.



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Dr. John Vaughn's New Book, "Courage & Compassion"

Courage & Compassion
Courage & Compassion

New Release!Courage and Compassion: The Ministry of Law Enforcement

This new release will be an encouragement for civilian, chaplain, and law enforcement agent alike. Illustrated from Chaplain Vaughn's many years of experience, Courage and Compassion offers help and hope to officers who wonder: "Will God forgive me for taking a human life in the line of duty?" What should a Christian officer do about deceiving a suspect to gain incriminating information? What can chaplains and churches do to minister to officers while they minister to others? Is law enforcement really a ministry? These and other questions are addressed. Readers will find answers and practical help based on biblical principles.

To order this book please click on the link below!

If you cannot bring this up, just copy and paste and click on Publications

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Funeral Service for fallen Officer Kevin Sandoval

Please pray for the mother, father, and sister, extended family, friends, and fellow officers of South Pasadena Police Department Officer Kevin Sandoval who died Tuesday, June 14th after suffering a head injury during a training exercise with the Pasadena Police Department at a firing range in Azusa. The LA Times said that "Officer Kevin Sandoval, 23, was with other South Pasadena Police Department officers at the Burro Canyon Shooting Park when he collapsed shortly before 2 p.m and hit his head, officials said. He was given first aid at the scene and flown to Foothill Presbyterian Hospital in Glendora, where he was pronounced dead.

"It was unclear why Sandoval collapsed, said Officer Ming Hsu of the California Highway Patrol, which was handling media inquiries for the department."

Officer Sandoval was 23 years old and had been a law enforcement officer for two years and a cadet for eighteen months before that.

South Pasadena Watch Commander Sgt. Tony Abdalla remembered, "[Kevin] is what I would categorize as probably the best police officer that we would be fortunate as a City and community to find," said Abdalla. "He was very proactive, very community oriented—just exemplified what we look for in a police officer, and it is a huge loss.

Funeral services will be held at Lady of Guadalupe, 16025 Cypress St., Irwindale, CA., 91706 on Friday, June 24th at 11:30 A.M.

Following the funeral service, the interment location will be at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, 21300 Via Verde Dr., Covina, CA. 91724.

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In Pursuit! Ministries of California is also on Facebook.  If you would like updates, please become a friend on Facebook.  Thank you!

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Memorial Service for a Fallen Officer, Ryan Bonaminio

Officer Ryan Bonaminio
Officer Ryan Bonaminio

We mourn with the Riverside Police Department and the Southern California law enforcement community at-large following the recent line-of-duty death of Officer Ryan Bonaminio in Fairmount Park on November 7th, We are personally affected by this senseless murder of Officer Bonaminio.  Please pray for his family and the law enforcement family as they work through this together.  The Memorial Service was held at Grove Community Church in Riverside, CA Tuesday, November 16, 2010.  There were over 4,000 in attendance.

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Chaplains Bob & Jane Keller Given An Amazing Gift

Jane and I have now served in the ministry of chaplaincy for almost 9 years.  Our 2003 Honda Odyssey has over 222,000 miles on it.  Most of those miles have been related in the ministry in some way. We travel on an average of 500 miles a week just driving back and forth to Pomona and Los Angeles.

This last Monday morning we received a phone call from Andy and Kelly Chapman.  Andy is a California Highway Patrol officer and his Dad; Dennis Chapman pastors Calvary Baptist Church in Simi Valley.  Calvary Baptist is one of our supporting churches.  As the conversation began, Andy and Kelly started telling about a vehicle they own, a 2010 VW Jetta with odometer reading of 5,900 miles and giving a detailed description of the vehicle.  As the conversation began to develop, Jane and I glanced at each other thinking that maybe they wanted to sell the vehicle to us or take over the payments.  They went on to explain that the Lord laid it upon their hearts to ask if we could use this vehicle for our ministry. Without hesitation, we answered a resounding YES, as we comprehended the fact that they were giving us the vehicle! Praise the Lord for His goodness and His provision!! We knew that, in the next year, we were going to have to replace our Odyssey.

On Wednesday, we drove up to Moorpark, about a 2 hour drive, to pick up the Jetta,  as you can see in, the photo it is a very nice vehicle and great on gas.  Over the years, our Odyssey gas mileage has slowly declined and has restricted us in getting out there in the field. With the great mileage, on the Jetta it is going to free us up to accomplish more in the ministry.

Another blessing to this whole story is. When my mother died 5 years ago, she left us with a 1995 Honda Accord currently with 140,000 miles and it is in pretty good shape.  Our son Timothy and his wife Rebekah own a Honda Accord that is in bad shape, and they need to replace it.  As you may remember, Timothy and Rebekah live in Michigan where  Timothy is an assistant pastor at  Community Baptist Church in Madison Heights.  With this new vehicle, we are going to be able to give either the Odyssey or the Accord to them.  We have not decided which vehicle.  Timothy and Rebekah will fly out here and pick up one of the cars.  The Lord has not only provided a vehicle for us, but also a vehicle for Timothy and Rebekah.

Andy and Kelly, we wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful gift, and how God is using you to help our ministry, and also the ministry of Timothy and Rebekah.  We pray that the Lord will richly bless you for blessing us with this gift. May God bless you both for your love for the Lord Jesus Christ and  the ministry of law enforcement. We pray the Lord will bless your time at your new duty station mightily.

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The Pain Behind The Badge Symposium

This last Saturday Jane and I attended a symposium called “The Pain Behind the Badge” at the Irvine Police Department here in Southern California.  The speaker was Sgt Clarke Paris and his wife Tracie. Sgt Clarke is a 25 year Veteran of law enforcement and is currently employed as a sergeant with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  His wife Tracie has been a Registered Nurse for 25 years.  This was one of the best symposiums we had attended when it comes to understanding the statistics among law enforcement.  “The Pain Behind The Badge” is a training seminar designed to reduce the one staggering statistic that we have jurisdiction over…police suicide.  We learned during the event that 65,000 police officers are assaulted every year; police officers are killed in the line of duty every 53 hours and more police officers commit suicide than killed by assailants. Every 22 hours an officer somewhere in the U.S. takes his/her own life and yet there are no federally funded programs in place for dealing with police suicide.  Less than 2% of the law enforcement agencies in the U.S. have a police suicide prevention program.  We believe officers will continue to take his/her own life if appropriate intervention is not made.  That effective intervention is the Biblical police chaplain.  Will you pray for us as we continue to work with the Pomona Police Department and other agencies throughout the state of California?  We need more police chaplains who can provide that official intervention.  If one is interested in learning more about the “The Pain Behind The Badge training seminar, please go to their website at

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Comment by Officer Delavega, Pomona PD

My name is Officer Delavega and I have had the pleasure of having Chaplain Bob Keller go with me on a ride alongs. With all the evil us officers see out there its great to have a man of God by our side. As I take care of business in the physical Bob is taking care of business in the spiritual. Thanks Bob your brother.

In Christ,

Officer Delavega

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Thank you Bob for allowing yourself to be used of the Lord...

Chaplain Daryl Wilson
Chaplain Daryl Wilson

Below you will find a call that Chaplain Wilson went out on. The Lord used us to help Chaplain Wilson enter into the Chaplaincy. He is the former pastor of Foothill Baptist Church in Castro Valley, Ca and now resides in Florida. Dear Chaplain Bob Keller, I had my first call out  with the Alameda County Sheriff's Department. It went extremely well - thanks solely to the working of the Holy Spirit in the situation. A young man 18 years of age was fishing in the canal that flows from the delta (Sacramento area) to Southern California. He lost his pole in the water and tried to retrieve it an consequently fell in the water. He was pulled under and carried away with the swift current (flowing at about 7 knots). I was called at about 2 PM and arrived on scene about 3 PM. The were about 60 family members and friends standing along side the road next to where the mobile command center was located. The Sgt. briefed me on the situation and then we brought the mother and two uncles into the command center and gave them the news that there was really no hope of finding him alive and that it may be several days before the body is discovered or that it may never be discovered. I then took the mother out to the edge of the canal, so she could see how swift the water was, where I prayed with her. I then took her back to her family & friends and gave them the same information we gave the mother. I then encouraged them to return home or to a central place where they could be comfort to the mother - out of the sun and wind. I explained that there was nothing they could gain by standing around on the road; that the Sgt. had their cell phone number and would call the minute he had any further information. Within about ten minutes they all left the scene. The Sgt. was ecstatic and used the words outstanding & awesome in regard to dealing with the family and the 60 people alongside the road - getting them to leave the scene. He said a Captain was on his way to thank me (I told him that was not necessary) and that the "higher ups" would hear about this and be pleased. I was able to free the deputies from having to take their time to deal with the situation along side the road. They had called the CHIP to assist with the crowd, but as they arrived the crowd was leaving - they couldn't believe it. The only reason I even include this paragraph is to show how incredible the Lord is in giving wisdom and what to say at a time like this (Bob, you know how scared I was), and to show the positive impact it made on the Sheriff's department. I think they are more convinced than ever of the value of a Chaplain. Thank you Bob for allowing yourself to be used of the Lord to get me involved in this rewarding and exciting opportunity to minister for our Lord.

Chaplain & Your Friend, Wilson

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Keep Pomona Police Department in Pomona!!

One last chance to let your voice be heard will be on August 2nd at the city council meeting beginning at 7:00 pm. Please plan to attend to support the Pomona Police Department.  The city council chambers are located just behind the City Hall. Click on the link to learn more or contact me at 714-865-9177.

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Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Bob & Jane Chaplain Service Award 2010
Bob & Jane Chaplain Service Award 2010

Jane and I were invited to the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon of Pomona Police Department this last week and received the “Chaplain Service Award” of 2010.  The luncheon was held at the Pomona Mining Company restaurant and the food was tremendous. What a great honor to receive this award from the Department. Below you will find a photo of the award. Also invited were Pastor Randall Fox and his wife Karen of the Faith Baptist Church of Santa Ana to give the invocation, at our request. During the invocation Pastor Fox expressed his appreciation for all that the Police Department does in protecting the city of Pomona. This gave the Fox’s an insight to what we do in the department as well.  We enjoyed having them and they had a great time.

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