Recent Death Notice at the Pomona Police Department!

Prayer sign
Prayer sign

Several weeks ago we were called to the Traffic Bureau by the Corporal to give a death notice to the driver who hit a pedestrian. She stopped and gave aid to the pedestrian who was taken to the hospital. We were called to tell the driver that the pedestrian died from his injuries that were inflicted by her vehicle.  She was very distraught by this news. The officers who were on scene from the Traffic Bureau told her that, after their investigation, the accident was not her fault. We tried to encourage her the best way we knew how and we had prayer with her.

A few weeks later she wrote this letter to our Chief:


The Police Department would like to share the following letter from a resident of Pomona.

"I was the driver in a traffic incident involving a pedestrian... I am writing this letter to express my deep appreciation for not only the professionalism of the police officers at the scent of the accident, but especially for the compassionate care shown me at the two subsequent interviews at the Police Department.

This was one of the worst events of my life and I was very shaken by it.  The Chaplains and the police officers who were present at the last meeting at the Traffic Bureau Office.... treated me respectfully and compassionately.  The Chaplains gave me a pocket-sized copy of Psalm 91 which I now carry everywhere.

I cannot thank everyone enough for your kindness in my great need.  I would like you all to know that you have treated a fellow human being very well and that I am truly grateful for each one of you.  I would like to name names, but I realize that there were many involved of whose efforts I am not aware.

Pomona PD Traffic Bureau
Pomona PD Traffic Bureau

Again I offer my deepest thanks to the Pomona Police Department Traffic Bureau and to the Chaplain's Office for your caring and professional treatment of me.

Sincerely yours,"

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