Ministering to Those in Need

During my ride along this last week,  we were dispatched to a scene of an individual who was not breathing. Officer D. and I were the first to arrive on scene. Once inside Officer D. entered the bedroom with his gear and proceeded to do CPR on the individual.    My job was to keep the family away from the bedroom and to comfort them during this tragic situation . In a matter of minutes the fire department came and took over the care of the individual and then he was transported to the hospital. An hour later Officer D. and I drove  to hospital to follow up on the man to see how he was doing. We learned upon arrival that he had died.  We walked into the ER where he was laying and met the rest of the family. Officer D. spoke up and asked the family if they wanted the chaplain to pray with them. They were very appreciative and emphatically stated YES! I prayed with them and offered our condolences. Upon leaving I gave them my card and offered to help them with the memorial service. This was a very sad situation which I know happens all the time in our city, but I must say that in my estimation, I believe that Officer D. went beyond the call of duty to try to save this man's life. He is a tremendous police officer. I am proud to be the Chaplain of the Pomona PD even more when I see our officers perform as Officer D. did.

I often say that chaplains go into situations that pastors never get to go. The above situation is a great example of that.

Please remember to pray for your local police officers. They often go unnoticed and unappreciated for all that they do.

Please also pray for the family of this man as they are mourning his loss.

Posted on June 28, 2010 and filed under Blog Updates.