November/December Newsletter

Recently the Pomona Police Department issued a 100 year service anniversary book. This tremendous publication speaks highly about our ministry to the Police Department as stated below: “A Police Chaplain is a volunteer who has the duty of bringing comfort to persons in the field and community, most notably during times that are traumatic in nature. Although there are only two members of our Chaplain Program, Bob and Jane Keller, who go beyond the call of duty to complete the work for the entire department, city and community. Each year is spent responding to dozens of critical incidents in which the calming presence of a Chaplain is beneficial not only to the victims of crime or their families, but the officers on-scene as well.”
We have completed radio training and we are patrolling the streets of Pomona to provide the officers any assistance with victims or family members. This will include suicides and homicides.  We will still continue to go on ride-alongs and visit the Station.
Last June we celebrated our 10th year anniversary with the Pomona Police Department.  PTL.
Several months ago Jane was given a reward which enables her to wear the Chaplain uniform of the Pomona Police Department. This reward was given to her for her prior years of service with me. Jane and I work as a team as we are always together on calls, etc. at the Police Department.
We recently installed a new Chaplain, Rex Wolins, for the Pomona Police Department.  He served 15 years as a reserve officer and Chaplain at the Los Angeles County  Sheriff Office. He is already a great asset to our chaplain program.
We are out on DUI checkpoint for the Pomona Police department every month to assist the officers and to offer the "Ministry of Presence."
Recently we attended another graduation at the Orange County Regional Training Academy in Tustin, CA.
Brenda Sutherland just retired after serving Pomona Police Department for 31 years. We all gave her what we call the “Walk of Honor".


The name "In Pursuit Ministries of California" is now protected and we are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit ministry.
We recently upgraded our presentation for the ministry, which is pre-recorded with a who new format.  Once completed, we will upload it into our website.  We let you know when it is completed.
In October, we presented our ministry in two churches:  Continental Baptist Church in Marana, AZ,  Mike Gradwell is the pastor, and Cornerstone Baptist in Sahuarita, AZ, John Leonard is the pastor.  (Great meetings and great fellowship abounded.)  While in Marana we were able to speak to four officers.  We learned they do not have a Chaplain Program and would like to start one.  There may be one person qualified to become their Chaplain from Continental Baptist Church. Pray that opportunity will open.
We scheduled a training seminar on "Death Notifications for Police Officers and active Chaplain.  We have learned recently that police officers do not receive tis type of training in the Academy.  We did not have enough sigh-ups and had to cancel the class.  We are rescheduling the Seminar for June of 2014.  Please pray for a good turn out.
I was invited to give an invocation for the "Salute to the Military" event in El Segundo, CA.  Represented the Commander and the First Sargent, who were unable to attend due to the government shut down.  This gave me an opportunity to represent MEPS to the city leaders of El Segundo, CA. where MEPS is located. We continue to visit the MEPS at least once a week to minister to the staff, recruits and their families.  Many times we get a share the Gospel.  We ordered business cards printed with Psalm 91 to pass out to recruits and parents.  As opportunities permit we pass out copies of the Bible also.
Recently one of our men at the MEPS retired from the Army and I was asked to give the Invocation!
To the best of our knowledge, out of the 65 MEPS throughout the United States, only two MEPS have volunteer civilian chaplains.  One is in Fargo, ND and the one in Los Angeles. Our MEPS is the flagship of the 65 MEPS in the US.  Over 9,000 recruits ship out of our MEPS each year into the Military.  We consider this an honor for us to serve.  Pray this door will continue to stay open!
We continue to ride with the California Highway Patrol and minister to them.  Recently I was asked to give an invocation at the promotional luncheon for Captain Dan Minor, who has been promoted to Assistant Chief and is relocating to Fresno, CA.  Captain Minor opened the opportunity for us to become Chaplains with the CHP.  The CHP does not have an organized Chaplaincy Program.  As far as we know, we are the only Chaplains who ride with the CHP in the entire state of California.  We have a new Captain and pray that he will continue to allow us to be a part of the Santa Fe Springs CHP.  Pray this door will remain open.  We have ridden with the Santa Ana Station and are also seeking the opportunity to ride with the Westminster Station.
I gave the invocation at the Southern California Association Fingerprint Officers in Garden Grove CA. This was a great honor for me. Our Chief Dave Keetle was also there to give a class.
We attended the funeral for Officer Jon S. Coutchie of the Laguna Beach Police Department.  On the evening of Joh's death he was traveling northbound on Pacific Coast Highway in an attempt to locate a vehicle that being driven recklessly.  While looking for the speeding vehicle, Joh was involved in the traffic collision that ended his life.  End of Watch:  September 21, 2013.
The finances we receive from various churches and individual is not enough for us do everything we need to do, but we are thankful for the support we do received.  Here is a list of the churches who support us.
Bible Baptist Church, National City, CA
Calvary Baptist Church, Rio Linda, CA
Calvary Baptist Church, Simi Valley, CA
Freedom's Way Baptist Church, Newhall, CA
Homestead Baptist Church, Cheyenne, WY
Liberty Baptist Church, Newport Beach, CA
Lighthouse Baptist Church, Los Banos, CA
 LIghthouse Baptist Church, Moreno Valley, CA
Lighthouse Baptist Church, Pomona, CA
Pastor Mike Gradwell, Marana, AZ
Westview Baptist Church, North Charleston, SC.


In closing we want to thank you all for your prayer and financial support.
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