The LE Chaplain is one of the very few...

 Public sentiment towards our nation’s law enforcement officers has become extremely polarized. LE has felt the need to “circle the wagons” and become generally defensive and distrustful of the people they are sworn to protect.

This does not change the fact that our law enforcement officers are ministers of God’s ordained institution of justice and that they need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ! They need our encouragement and support. 

They need answers and the hope that comes only from the Word of God. As believers, we have those answers and the Hope is the Lord Jesus Christ, but who else besides a Law Enforcement Chaplain can even get close enough to an officer to penetrate that wall of defensiveness…?  That’s where YOU and I come in!

Time is short. Pray about it and do this now!

 The classes for Biblical Law Enforcement Chaplain can be scheduled depending upon the interest. If you have ever felt led to minister to these men and women, then this class is for you.



 COST:  $250 payable to IPM; Note that $100 will be refunded upon issuance of certificate of successful completion by the deadline date that we will establish on the first day of class…

Meals are on your own, but we do tend to fellowship together for lunch during the week…

Click here for the Application for Training.

 Note: past graduates may attend this class for a refresher certificate at no tuition cost! (Please send in your application anyway so we can estimate class size…)

These classes can be taken by correspondence…

Posted on April 29, 2016 .