Chaplains Bob & Jane Keller Given An Amazing Gift

Jane and I have now served in the ministry of chaplaincy for almost 9 years.  Our 2003 Honda Odyssey has over 222,000 miles on it.  Most of those miles have been related in the ministry in some way. We travel on an average of 500 miles a week just driving back and forth to Pomona and Los Angeles.

This last Monday morning we received a phone call from Andy and Kelly Chapman.  Andy is a California Highway Patrol officer and his Dad; Dennis Chapman pastors Calvary Baptist Church in Simi Valley.  Calvary Baptist is one of our supporting churches.  As the conversation began, Andy and Kelly started telling about a vehicle they own, a 2010 VW Jetta with odometer reading of 5,900 miles and giving a detailed description of the vehicle.  As the conversation began to develop, Jane and I glanced at each other thinking that maybe they wanted to sell the vehicle to us or take over the payments.  They went on to explain that the Lord laid it upon their hearts to ask if we could use this vehicle for our ministry. Without hesitation, we answered a resounding YES, as we comprehended the fact that they were giving us the vehicle! Praise the Lord for His goodness and His provision!! We knew that, in the next year, we were going to have to replace our Odyssey.

On Wednesday, we drove up to Moorpark, about a 2 hour drive, to pick up the Jetta,  as you can see in, the photo it is a very nice vehicle and great on gas.  Over the years, our Odyssey gas mileage has slowly declined and has restricted us in getting out there in the field. With the great mileage, on the Jetta it is going to free us up to accomplish more in the ministry.

Another blessing to this whole story is. When my mother died 5 years ago, she left us with a 1995 Honda Accord currently with 140,000 miles and it is in pretty good shape.  Our son Timothy and his wife Rebekah own a Honda Accord that is in bad shape, and they need to replace it.  As you may remember, Timothy and Rebekah live in Michigan where  Timothy is an assistant pastor at  Community Baptist Church in Madison Heights.  With this new vehicle, we are going to be able to give either the Odyssey or the Accord to them.  We have not decided which vehicle.  Timothy and Rebekah will fly out here and pick up one of the cars.  The Lord has not only provided a vehicle for us, but also a vehicle for Timothy and Rebekah.

Andy and Kelly, we wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful gift, and how God is using you to help our ministry, and also the ministry of Timothy and Rebekah.  We pray that the Lord will richly bless you for blessing us with this gift. May God bless you both for your love for the Lord Jesus Christ and  the ministry of law enforcement. We pray the Lord will bless your time at your new duty station mightily.

Posted on November 11, 2010 and filed under Blog Updates.