"Chaplains are worth their weight in gold.
They are willing to do anything to be of service to their officers." 

-Dan Willis, La Mesa Police Department

Who We Are...

Bob & Jane Keller function as volunteer chaplains for both Pomona Police and Santa Ana Police Departments in California. They are endorsed by the Foundation Baptist Fellowship International, Bob and Jane are members of the Liberty Baptist Church of Newport Beach, California. They serve the Lord together in these very important ministries.  They are not only "Word" oriented, but also "Deed" oriented by offering the "Ministry of Presence" wherever they go.

The statistics in law enforcement are staggering. Every 59 hours an officer is killed in the line of duty, and every 22 hours one commits suicide. 89% of officers are divorced, and seventy percent of seasoned officers have been married twice. They have the highest rate of stress, heart attacks, strokes, and broken homes.

The ministry of Bob and Jane is called “In Pursuit! Ministries of CA” because they are “In Pursuit!” to reach those who are in law enforcement with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are praying that the Lord would raise up many pastors and lay people within their church to work as part-time chaplains with their local law enforcement agencies.


While the term “Chaplain” may not be found in the Bible, the principles of the work of the Biblical Chaplain clearly are.

Furthermore, it is only the unchanging Truth of God’s Word, faithfully shared by the Chaplain, that will have any effective and lasting impact in the life of a law officer who is privately struggling with a failing marriage or a recent divorce, overwhelming stress, addictive behavior, or depression.

The Chaplain can be a tremendous confidential resource that will encourage such officers and give them the hope they need from the Word of God.

The secular theories and practices of humanistic psychology have not successfully dealt with the problems facing our law enforcement professionals. That is why we see the rampant statistics of divorce, addictive behavior, and suicide within our ranks.

God’s Word is the only Truth that will resolve these issues and set that person free.

Primarily focused upon serving the officers and families of law enforcement agencies, In Pursuit Ministries of California also provides trained Biblical Chaplains to Corrections, Fire, and EMS agencies all across America at no charge to the agencies and personnel we serve. In Pursuit Ministries of California can customize a Chaplain program for your department.

  1. To faithfully pursue lost souls in an effort to bring them into a right relationship with God through faith in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. This work is done under the authority of the local New Testament church (John 3:3, Colossians 1:14);

  2. To see these souls set free from the slavery and bondage to sin and addictive behavior whether it be to drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, anger, theft, bitterness, deceit, or any other enslaving or controlling behavior, attitude, substance, or activity (John 8:34-36);

  3. To see their broken families restored under the proper Biblical model with Christ at the head (Ephesians 5:22-28);

  4. To place these new believers into local fundamental Bible-believing and Bible-preaching churches where they can grow in faith and become active and productive baptized members serving the Lord (Hebrews 10:25, 2 Timothy 2:15)'

  5. To equip such local New Testament churches with the training, information, and skills needed to reach out to the men and women in the criminal justice system on both sides of the cell door (Luke 14:23);

  6. To accomplish these goals by training and referring men and women of Bible-believing New Testament churches to voluntary service within local law enforcement agencies under the sole auspice and authority of their own local church. (Colossians 1:18, 2 Corinthians 8:1-5, 19, 23).


"Chaplaincy Training- Chaplain Bob brings real world experience. He has been in pursuit with his officers many times. He has hundreds of hours of experience in the field with victims, suspects and of course the officers. This experience is gold. He also lines up excellent speakers who are very knowledgeable in their areas of work. You will come away with usable, correct information from his seminar. The videos of officers who did not have a chaplain with them when they could have used one are worth the training." 
Ron Godinez (Former Police Officer with Delano PD) 

“I would like to say that the training was excellent and I learned a lot in the week of class. This training was everything I hoped it would be and more. I think the best part is that you back all of your material up with a biblical foundation. The manual is a great resource. Thank you so much for yielding to God and His call on your life, and for sacrificing your time to train Chaplains.” 
Police Patrol Sergeant C. H., Missouri

“I wanted to share with you the tremendous job you have done with the Biblical Chaplaincy Class. In forty years of preaching I was unaware of the needed mission field right in our own back yards. All of us are impacted in one way or another by law enforcement. You have brought that awareness to our churches as well as the need of Biblical Law Enforcement Chaplains. Your desire, expertise and burden for this type of ministry must be made aware to all our churches. I am asking the Lord to give you at least one person from each church to take this program. The local church, the community and especially law enforcement personal will benefit. As you have taught us, law enforcement personal face many struggles, burdens and pressures that only Christ can address. We have the answer; we have the Word. Now all we need is more men to take up the call from each church to do their part.
Thanks again for opening our eyes and hearts to this much needed ministry. Each black and white we see is a mission field and waiting for God’s servant to minister to them. Keep up the great work.”
Pastor/Chaplain Dennis Chapman

“My name is Tom Jones and I’m a Chaplain with a local police department, I have been working with law enforcement for approximately nine years as a Chaplain in an unofficial capacity for a couple of departments and two years officially for another. However, my knowledge of how to treat several of the many afflictions that officers face or encounter on a daily basis needed improvement, and I thought I would find what I needed in the Chaplain training program they offered.  I was not disappointed.
I have gained so much through this program and have added new tools to my proverbial tool belt as it were and have found this program to be very valuable to my (God’s) ministry. I would highly recommend this course if you have a heart for police officers or simply want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the inmates, then you need to take this course. Don’t try to wing it, make a wise decision and take the path that God has prepared for you. Many man hours have been put into this program and the blessings of God have been on their efforts. God created this program to give all who desire a ministry as a Chaplain the opportunity to learn from Chaplains that been tried and tested and successful in their ministries. God put this program here for a reason and that reason is so we can learn from other godly men that have been in the battle fighting for the souls of police officers and inmates that otherwise might not here the gospel and perish.” 
Chaplain Tom Jones of the Santa Ana Police Department

“I would like to thank Pacific Baptist College and In Pursuit! Ministries of California for having the Chaplaincy class for Law Enforcement.  I appreciate the great materials from In Pursuit Ministries and Chaplain Tim Sherman.  One of the highlights of the class was that our instructor Bob Keller had the officers who actually had the experience of each area come in and share with us their experience and wisdom in their expertise which made the class much more interesting.  Bob Keller not only shared the book learning, but, shared the burden the Lord has given him and his wife Jane for those the Lord allows him to minister too.
I want to encourage all who would like to become familiar with a much needed ministry, Law Enforcement, to come to the next class and learn how much this ministry is needed and what it all involves.  It will definitely give you a burden for those who sacrifice so much to protect us and our families from those who do evil.  I have learned that our Law Enforcement is truly a forgotten field.  The Harvest is Great, But the Laborers Are Few." 
Pastor Myron Riley of Excelsior Dr. Baptist Church

“I will recommend this course to others who are interested.”

“Each chapter had a lot of useful ideas to implement in chaplain work. Some of my practical experiences in ministry helped validate some points in chaplaincy ministry.”

“I liked the specific focus.”

“I appreciated the class immensely. Very informative and useful.”

“It was worth every minute of my time. Much more informative than I had ever dreamed. I’m leaving the class feeling prepared and confident that what I’ve learned I can use.”

“Very informative and, at the same time, the material was easy to grasp. This program will continue to be blessed by the Lord.”

“The class time was well spent. Even though the days were long, it was well worth it.”

“This class was much more than I ever imagined! Thorough in scope and very well presented.”

“Your experiences in life have made you uniquely suited for teaching the LECC. Your first-hand knowledge and expertise of all the subjects discussed made the course more valuable, plus you expressed yourself in such a way as to make it easy for all to understand.”

Congressman Gary Miller

Fundamental Baptist Fellowship

Faith Baptist Church

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